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Directions, As Given By Our Loving People Of Pennsylvania...

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We always joked in the family about the way the people in PA gives directions...turn left at the big red barn then right at the dead tree.....

But, it really is for real. Here are some examples that will make a GPS explode. I found these actual directions on a website for cemetery locations:

Rt 22 E to Rt 271 S, go past Holy Trinity cemetery on L, turn R on paved road 200 yds past Holy Trinity. If you get to Sheetz you have gone too far.

Rt 22 E to Rt 271 S, go to town of Parkhill, at Sheetz on L there will be a Y, bear R, follow road around to school, cemetery on L past school.

Rt 22 E to Rt 271 S, take 271 S to town of Park Hill, at Sheetz on L there will be 'y' in road, bear R, there will be a gas station in a dip, turn L on Jackson Road E, cemetery about 1 mi. on L.

*Sheetz seems to be quite popular in town...and I like the 'gas station in a dip'*

*Here's a good one*
Johnstown, near radio station.

*This one is short and sweet*

*And my favorite*
Rt 22 E, to Rt 403 S, in Johnstown you will hit Rt 56, turn L: at light for War Memorial, go to milk factory, turn R on Rt 271, go up over hill and cemtery on R.

*Let's all go meet at the milk factory!!!!*


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Basherville Sheriff
Basherville Sheriff
I noticed this when I moved here from VA. Even the rural Virginians gave more concise directions than the folks here!

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